Nine Chronicles API

A Nine Chronicles tool to enhance your experience!

Our 9CAPI is built on FastAPI and powered by NCGM. The principle to make the game data more accessible to other developers and end-users.

All Nine Chronicles actions are transmited by blocks and stored inside the blockchain. Despite being fully available to anyone, sometimes acquiring said information can be quite dificult.

That is why developers create tools to boost your enjoyment while playing Nine Chronicles. 9CAPI can facilitate this process by providing extensive endpoints for your necessities.

Feel free to test it out any of our features!

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What the 9c API can do for you


Arena Battle Information

  • Discover who attacked you recently
  • Find out who is attacking at the moment
  • Search for your target's battle history
  • Keep track of your tickets usage


Market Data Information

  • Discover recent sold items
  • Find out sell tx from a buy tx
  • Search for a specific item history
  • Keep track of market influx


Avatar Data Information

  • Discover your agent data
  • Find out Crafting and Upgrading Data
  • Search for a specific character information
  • Keep track of players' inventory


RPC Data Information

  • Discover active RPC Data
  • Find out any Data among the Blockchain
  • Search for Who is Online
  • Keep track of User Count